Packaging is used to protect the product and is also a significant component of marketing the brand in the world. If the packaging is done well, it will gain the potential customer’s attention towards the product.

Custom-made boxes packaging can be done in multiple ways with a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, presently various kinds of material are available for packaging in the market that can be selected according to the requirement of the product.

Boxes are a form of traditional packaging from hundreds of years, and now people thought it is boring and unpleasant. So, people consider them as regular same packaging material for all kinds of products. But, marketers revolutionize this concept and pop up with the idea of presenting custom-made boxes with multiple options of designs, graphics, and colors.

Custom boxes can be molded into any size and shape and create a wonderful product exterior with add-ons. Now, there are different types of boxes available in the market for packaging the product comfortably, conveniently, and safely.

Following are the various types of custom packaging from Stampa Prints:

1- Folding Cartons

It is a type of packaging box made of paperboard that can be printed, laminated, colored, folded, and glued according to the requirement of the product. Many shapes and sizes can be driven from such kinds of boxes.

2- Shelf-Ready Boxes

These types of packaging boxes are made to be used by end-user. Therefore, this type of packaging is displayed in the shops to gain the customer’s attention and stand out from competitors.

3- Rigid Boxes

This type of packaging box is thick and made up of high thickness chipboard that is sturdy and more reliable. This type of packaging is mainly used as premium packaging for gift boxes or other premium products to make them more luxurious.

4- Mailer Boxes

A mailer box is mainly used for storage and sending purposes. It is made of paperboard with interlocking flags and wings. Interlocking flags and wings make it easier to assemble them without any adhesive tape. In addition, these are more resistant and secure for transportation because of their double walls.

5- Collapsible Boxes

These types of packaging boxes are effective for marketing the brand. They are easy to transport and also save shipping costs and storage space. In addition, these are very friendly that any kind of design and shape can be formed through them.

6- Slide Type Boxes

This type of packaging box consists of parts. It has a sleeve and an inner box. The inner box is like a simple box without a lid that is gone into a box whose sides are attached but hollow from top and bottom. It has more types and sliding styles for making packaging strong and secure.

7- Corrugated Boxes

These types of packaging boxes were mainly used for storage purposes as they were big in size and shape. These are made of cardboard that contains three layers: an outer one, an inner one, and one in the middle to make it strong. Moreover, they are cheap in manufacturing as they require material that is easily available in the market. But, now, Packaging companies are experimenting on it and driven boxes of every size and shape that are customized.

8- Telescope Type Boxes

As the name suggests, these types of packaging boxes are mostly associated with technology brands. They consist of totally two different pieces that are a lid and a base. The top is made of much thicker cardboard than the bottom to make packaging secure and sturdy.

9- Regular Slotted Boxes

This kind of packaging is used as a standard box. These are great for shipping small items. It contains flaps that are if the same length from the score to the edge. Unfortunately, these are hard to be customized as they limited the printing process, size, and shape molding.

10- Full over Lap Boxes

This type of packaging boxes is used for heavy packaging material. The flaps on the box are designed in such a way that when it is folded, it will go all the way to the opposite side and cover it. This type of packaging gives the box more stacking and strength. That’s why they are used for shipping heavy items.

11- Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

These boxes define their structure by their name. They have a lid and a front panel with two flaps that go in between two side panels. It does not require any adhesive Glue or tape. This type of box is used mainly by cosmetic brands, medicine, and the food industry.

No matter how good your product is, the packaging does matter and enhances your brand value in the customer’s eye. But, the question is how will you get such understanding and manufacture packaging according to every product requirement. It is a hassle and challenging procedure. But, nowadays, this headache has been taken by the packaging industry, where many companies work for you to manufacture the state of the packaging material that is essential and need of the hour.

Different types of custom made boxes are manufacture with product features to attract customers to the market. They offer different rates as per the custom box and quantity. Most companies deal in wholesale for manufacturing large amounts of packaging boxes for your brand at an affordable rate.

Stampa Prints is among well-reputed companies that are custom-made packaging boxes providers in wholesale. They offer wholesale packages that are according to quantity to satisfy the customer at the most effective rates. They deal in all kinds of custom packaging boxes ranging from all of the above to more types.

They have a vast client network around the globe that are satisfied with their service and are their regular customers. The most effective point is they manufacture on a large scale and deliver on time through their time management skills. In addition, they have their project management team who track the order from arrival to delivery.