Why Is Nanotechnology An Essential Part Of Our Everyday Life?

Most of us have heard about nanotechnology these days. Nanotechnology is being used everywhere and in every field. Basically, nanotechnology is controlling the matter at a tiny scale, i.e. atomic and molecular level.

This may sound like some high scientific terminology, but we use nanotechnology in our everyday life. Surprisingly, nanotechnology is being used around us in many ordinary things.

Nanotechnology is one of the best gifts of technology to mankind. Many people unknowingly are using nanotechnology and are making their lives simpler.

The people understand the concept of nanotechnology, while many do not. Nanotechnology has a whole new world to explore, and many people are getting into it to understand it better.

Nano is a thousand times smaller than the microscopic level. It gives a perspective to look at the world at the tiniest level and makes us realize the detailing of everything.

At the national level, atoms can be manipulated to create new things. It also helps in the construction of many things and at a tiny level.

The nano factor in human life

Nanotechnology is dealing with things at a minuscule level. Typically, it is a billion times smaller than all the measurements such as meters etc.

Many people may look at nanotechnology as a waste. It is not important to understand nanotechnology and its details. We can understand and use things in a different manner.

For example, if you touch a piece of cloth, it is very soft to touch, but if you see it at a nano-level, you will see it is made up of molecules in criss-cross links, and that is how the cloth is made. This knowledge can be used to create several things with nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology basically means zooming into everything and knowing it in a better way. It also tells us the properties of that particular thing at the atomic level and helps us understand its constituency and composition.

Many people may feel that nanotechnology is not of their use and it is an out of the world terminology, but surprisingly, nanotechnology is being used everywhere. Many people are using nanotechnology and getting benefits from it.

Many people, in fact, are already making use of nanotechnology and creating exciting new products and things. In Ireland, many people buy expensive gadgets without knowing about nanotechnology.

For this, they are taking out quick loans too. If we are using any technology, it becomes our responsibility to know about it and its benefits to us.

Uses of nanotechnology

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a common product that we use while going out in the sun. To your surprise, nanoparticles have been added to the sunscreen to make it more effective. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two particles that are added to your sunscreen.

To make it more effective, these particles helps to block the UV rays from the sun and help your skin stay clean and white in colour. These days, if you notice, sunscreen is not thick as compared to the previous times.

With nanotechnology, some screens have been made more effective and held as block UV radiation. UV radiation is harmful to the skin as it makes our skin dark and also leads to sunburns if exposed for a greater time.

2. Clothing

Clothing is another sector where nanoparticles are used for creating new types of clothes. Silica is a common material, and the nanoparticles of silica or help to create new fabrics that are waterproof and help repel other liquids.

Silica is awfully used on fabrics in different forms. Either it is spread on the surface or mixed with the fabric to make it waterproof or is improved.

This makes us improve the coating on the clothes and saves them from getting dirty. Many a time, you may have noticed that if you pour any liquid on a cloth, the particles are formed.

These particles simply are absorbed by the fabric and help the clothes remain clean. Because of nanotechnology, we have several clothing materials that are waterproof and stain-proof.

3. Furniture

Like clothing mentioned in the above point, furniture is also made waterproof and strength to pull nanotechnology. We like furniture that is sturdy and designer. Along with the design, it should also be studied and less flammable.

With nanotechnology, there is a coating on every piece of furniture that makes it less flammable. This coating is made of carbon nanofibres that reduce flammability up to 32%. With nanotechnology, we can enjoy our furniture for a longer time as it makes them more durable.

In Ireland, many people buy expensive furniture by borrowing personal loans. These expensive pieces of furniture are made with the help of nanotechnology and have a long life.

4. Adhesives

Adhesives are also making use of nanotechnology to optimize them. Many types of glue lose their stickiness at high temperatures, but if you look at the Nano glue, it stays strong and stands the high temperatures.

Basically, adding nano glue to adhesive makes them stronger in any surroundings and keeps the stickiness intact.

5. Car paint

We like our car to be neat and clean every time. If there is a scratch or a car, we may send it to the garage to get it painted again. Also, bird droppings can create havoc on car paintwork.

With nanotechnology, many car companies have produced nano-coating that gives high performance and protects the car from any kind of dirt or scratch.

It also makes the car paint stain proof and spillage proof. With this nanotechnology, the car paint remains new and gives a shiny look to the car.

6. Computers

Technology is a common word in the field of computers and electronics. We use many electronics and gadgets in our everyday life that make use of nanotechnology.

Computer processors are making use of nanotechnology as they have a nanochip inside them. These processors help the computer to have a faster speed and also improve its performance.


Nanotechnology is transforming our society and making its impact in every field. There are many benefits of Nanotechnology that are unknown to us. It is helping us in making use of gadgets and other services effectively.

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