Top 3 Tips that we have researched to ensure your website is at the top of the list

Tip 1: Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search engine Optimization also known as SEO is usually taken light or is taken so seriously that the results are not what you want. Take around 30% of your time understanding what are your company’s requirements , or about what products or services will you gain more business. What are you planning to market and who is your audience? SEO Company in Lucknow

Do a market analysis on it , and then filter out the 10 key phrases we recommend that best fit your company. If your site is new and/or you’ve recently started your online business, focus on lighter (less-researched) terms. Try to target more longer-tailed key phrases instead of single key words. Use the correct Title and Meta, as well as appropriate Alt tags. Examine your page’s content in relation to the Meta you’ve saved and ensure that your page can be downloaded easily.

Tip 2: Link Building

After you have completed the optimization of your website’s on-page, make the effort in to increase the number of inbound links as you possibly can. There are many ways you can pursue to create a gold-standard value for your site. In the beginning, you must submit your URL to more than 100 Search Engines and 500+ quality online directories that provide you with high-quality link-backs. Write relevant and informative articles and then upload them to high-quality Article websites. You can also submit your Press-notes to high-quality Press-release directories. Place your advertisements in directories for classifieds that are free. You could also try link exchange, however Google is no longer giving any importance to these links.

Tip 3: Social Media

Make a list with the top social networks wherein you can log in and save your web pages that are important to you on these social websites. You can also make your own blog (relevant to your business) and post quality material on them, and create a more interactive experience for more people to come and visit them. One good way to use social media marketing is to post comments on good forums or blogs and creating a strong link base. You can expect to receive significant traction from the use of social media for marketing. It could be up to 2000 hits in five days for a single comment that is accompanied by the link to our site. It can make a huge amount of the difference!

Customers rely heavily on social media and search engines for searching for items and services.

It is essential to ensure that you provide relevant and comprehensive web content However, you should also be visible when users are looking for you. In order to do this, you need to implement a comprehensive and integrated SEO and marketing via social media campaign.

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