6 Best Things to Know Before LASER Tattoo Removal

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to get a tattoo removed. It may have lost all attraction for you or maybe held you back from getting a particular job. Whatever the reason, tattoos can now be easily removed through a number of techniques. If you too are looking for a tattoo removal treatment, a little pain and scarring may be worth the treatment. We have an option of laser tattoo removal, let’s have a look!

Things to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the tattoo regret phase. Whatever your reason is for getting your tattoo removed, here is a list of 10 things that you need to know prior to the laser tattoo removal in Dubai.

  1. Keep your expectations realistic

Prior to starting the procedure, it’s important to know that the results of laser tattoo removal are not guaranteed. Make sure that you set your expectations after consulting at least two of the experts. Ask them to let you know what they can and cannot achieve.  Few of the tattoos fade away completely after two sessions while others take 7 to 8 sessions.

  1. One treatment isn’t going to fix it

Multiple laser tattoo removal sessions will be required to get rid of the tattoo. Unfortunately, the exact number cannot be predetermined during the initial consultation. On average, a person needs 5 to 6 treatments.  Downtime between the sessions is the main reason for the overall extensive-time period of the complete removal.

  1. Location of your tattoo

Most people don’t think of it as an important factor but the location of the tattoo does matter. The further the tattoo is from the heart, the slower the tattoo will fade. The closer the tattoo is to the heart the better circulation, hence, the tattoo will fade quickly.

  1. Professional vs. amateur tattoos

The success of removal is dependent on how well the tattoo is made. If you have gotten your tattoo via a professional artist, they are usually penetrated deeper into the skin and are at uniform levels. Hence, the removal of the tattoo is easier. Amateur tattoo artists make the tattoo with uneven hands, making the removal significantly difficult.

  1. Educate yourself on lasers

Not all tattoos are created equal, neither all lasers are. There are varying wavelengths used for the removal of different colours of tattoos. The technology has significantly improved in recent years and there are a million different kinds of lasers available in the market. Make sure you know via a dermatologist is using a particular kind of laser for you. And not the other kind.

  1. Expectation after a treatment

The recovery isn’t going to be all smooth. Some of the common issues people have to face during the recovery, including blisters, swelling, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness, and temporary darkening. These are common and usually, subside within a couple of weeks. As always, consult your doctor in regards to laser tattoo removal treatment in Dubai and elsewhere.


Laser tattoo removal treatments should, however, only be performed by an experienced and trained professional. Getting it done by an unqualified person can lead to skin burns, bruises and redness.

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