aDverts and PUBLICITY

At Eyeball Concept Media, we are not about conformity and obscurity. If you want presence in the market place, Eyeball Media agency professional & experienced adverts & publicity team are here to ensure that advert & publicity strategies are always seen, heard, and felt. Even while ensuring maximum return on your investment.

Eyeball Concept Media adverts & publicity team always devises compelling & eye-catching advertising concepts and presentations to ensure that every advertising presentation supports the clients’ advertisement goals & objectives.

Our creative, innovative and resourceful experienced adverts & publicity team are experienced and talented individuals that employ styles ranging from the best of modern, contemporary, and traditional, and utilise the latest technologies including state ‑of ‑the‑art special effects software.

Our Production personnel are experienced in design, fabrication and installation procedures and ensure that quality advertising products result for each and every project.

Eyeball Concept Media is one of the foremost advertising publicity and promotional company which have over the years, maintain good relationship with other local/international Media & Advertising Agencies, PR companies, Government Media Agencies, and some popular and notable Web & Social Media platforms such as; Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Printrest, Twitter and as well as thousands of other major influencers, bloggers, Vloggers and Websites in Nigeria and beyond.

Take advantage of our savvy adverts and publicity service offering that will grant your brand and services the direct access to our adverts& publicity ideas that will showcase, project, market, promote and expand the overall goals of your business growth even while ensuring maximum return on all investment. Our adverts and publicity strategies are design to carter or both the traditional and modern day technological means of communication. Be it TV & Radio platforms, Billboards, magazines, Newspaper, or social media platforms such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn. We can design a customized adverts & publicity campaign to your respective needs.

We are authorized to advertise on all media & social media platforms such as;Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter and more…

What We Provide:

  • Tailored, targeted PR campaigns to generate maximum coverage in print, broadcast and online media.
  • Strategies to raise the profile of your organization and brand beyond boundaries
  • Creative Content for all platforms – Print, Audio, Video, Online
  • Social Media Training and Online IT Management to corporate brands/individuals
  • Bespoke Broadcasting and Full Media Courses
  • Online Promotions & Management Services
  • Creative Branding & Full IT Management Packages
  • Creative Web Designs/Hosting/Blogging/Security Management
  • Company Representative/Management Services


Our Adverts & Publicity service includes: Media Planning, Media Buying & Selling, Media Outsourcing, TV & Radio Adverts, Social Media Adverts, Newspapers/Magazine Adverts, Web/Blog Adverts, Billboard Adverts, Brand & Product Activation, Road Shows, Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing and General promotions.