With our desire to create an outstanding event, we also wish to make it a fun and exciting process for our clients. We realize that some clients will enjoy being part of the entire process while others will say “handle it”. Whatever your personality, be rest assured, we will have a fabulous time!. The business of entertaining people or managing events is a pretty serious one. Most small and medium agencies in this industry are facing huge challenges in their efforts to run a sustainable and profitable business, be it the challenge of managing all aspects of an event right from planning, scheduling, execution to post event follow ups or handling the nuances of entertaining your guests in a manner that pleasantly surprises them. Most of the time, the difference between success and failure lies in efficiently handling the multitude of mundane tasks, yet important such as updating event calendars, event information on websites, inviting delegates, knowing guest preferences along with keeping track of every small expense.

At Eyeball we understand the stressful nature of your business and can handle most of your laborious and time consuming work thus enabling you to concentrate on what matters the most. From handling your event registration and event marketing, maintaining your expenditure for the event to even coordinating between you and the client on any matter, we can provide integrated solutions for your every need. With Ace as your partner, you can exclusively focus on flawless event execution and delivering customer satisfaction.

EYEBALL CONCEPT is no.1 when it comes to event planning and management. Such as;

  • Wedding Event & Rate
  • Entertainment Event & Rate
  • Political Event & Rate
  • Birthday Event & Rate
  • Ceremonial Event & Rate
  • Memorial Event & Rate
  • School Event Coverage & Rate