“Modern man is not the man who goes off to discover himself,
his secrets, and his hidden truth; he is a man who tries to invest himself”
― Michel Foucault
Invest with us

We are looking for visionary partners, sponsors, supporters and investors to key into our different investment platforms while joining the growth moving train. From business brands to Monthly, quarterly and annual projects, our business oriented investment platforms have been design to carter for both small and big, corporate/social, local & international interested individuals & organizations to key-in and make enormous impact even while expecting respective return on investment.

Our Project Investment Opportunities includes:

Beyond Your Reach Monthly Song Contest (BYR-Contest).

Beyond You Reach Monthly Song Contest: The Beyond Your Reach Song Contest Tagged: BYR – Song Contest, is a monthly song download contest that seeks to reward music producers and music lovers with a lot of amazing gifts and surprises!

The Artiste with the highest number of download walks away with:

  1. Branded BYR car
  2. Placard Award
  3. Standard Musical Video Shoot Worth 1 Million Naira
  4. Foreign Trip to Dubai
  5. Management/Signing Deal Contract Offer
  6. Music Royalties On Downloaded Songs.

So also, the BYR monthly Grand Award Night also features award presentation to the best TV/Radio Presenters, Best AOPs, Song Writers, Best Online Promoter, Best Blogger, Best Social Media Fan and also allow all artiste who participated in the song contest to redeem royalties earn via the sales of their music through the download contest.

Note: T&C APPLY!

 Project Name: BYR Song Contest

Frequency: Monthly

Category: Entertainment/Music Contest

Date: Coming Soon!

Oshodi-Isolo Fashion, Fair & Tourism Exhibitions (OIFFT-Exhibitions)

Oshodi-Isolo Fashion, Fair & Tourism Exhibitions (OIFFT-Exhibitions): The Oifft-Exhibitions trade fair event is the largest community Fashion, Fair and Tourism Exhibition event that features 4 days glamour, fun-filled, sales and business networking experience for Manufacturers, Merchants, Vendors, Designers, Stylist, Entrepreneurs, Promoters and Bloggers within the fashion and tourism industry in Oshodi Community, Lagos-Nigeria, Africa and the global community at large. Highlights’ of the memorable trade fair event includes: Corporate Business Registration, B2B Networking, Sales, Corporate Bank Account Opening, Recognition/Awards, Seminars & Master Class, Runway Fashion Show, Fashion Competition, Freebies & Giveaways Courtesy of our sponsors.

Project Name: Oshodi-Isolo Community Fashion, Fair & Tourism  Exhibition      

Frequency: Annual

Category: Fashion, Fair & Tourism Industry/Sectors

Date: Coming Soon!

 Africa Music Race International Festivals (A.M.R.I Festivals)

The Africa Music Race International Festival Tagged: AMRI-Festivals is the largest music and entertainment festival that seeks to bring together top African celebrities & promising upcoming; Musician, Comedians, Dancers and Captains of the Industry to a (5) days fun-filled glamour festival that features diverse engaging, interactive, enlightening and educative segments such as Seminars & Symposium, Music, Comedy & Dance Competition, Music Concert, Awards & Recognition etc.

Highlights of the largest music festival event includes; Exhibitions, Wine Tasting, Music Concert, Talent Hunt, Competitions, Sales, Dance Parade, African Culture Showcase and more…

Project Name: Africa Music Race International Festivals (A.M.R.I Festivals)

Frequency: Annual

Category: Music/Entertainment Industry Sectors

Date: Unveiling Soon!

Eyeball Kings Cup Football Tournament

The Eyeball Kings Cup Football Tournament is the largest Nigerian royalty football competition that features different official kings football teams competing for the prestigious Eyeball Royalty Football Tournament Trophy. The annual football competition will commence from the state level; starting from Lagos-Nigeria, and will then proceed to the National level, where the winner of the Eyeball Kings Cup National level will then emerge.Highlights of the sensational royal football tournament includes Opening Ceremony; Music & Entertainment, keynote address, lectures & seminars, medical check-up etc. While the closing Ceremony of the glamorous football competition event will feature the final match & trophy presentation, recognition & awards and the official closing party of the tournament. The kick-off of the competition in Lagos will feature all the Lagos Official Oba’s Football Teams Competing for the State Level Trophy.

Project Name: Eyeball Kings Cup Football Tournament      

Frequency: Annual

Category: Sport Sector

Date: Unveiling Soon!