Our Agency

We’re on a mission to start a conversation with your customers in this fast connected world. Let’s discover, build and grow your digital business.

To continue to produce, execute, project, promote, manage & empower both small & large corporate/social organizations and individuals with the right media tools & solutions that will boost and enhance the overall growth of their respective businesses. Thereby, taking it beyond all boundaries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver top-notch creative, innovative, sustainable & value-oriented media agency services to both corporate and social local & International individuals and organizations, especially as it relates to the Media Branding, Productions, Projections, Marketing, Management & Promotions of their brand & services. While ensuring we champion their faces & brands beyond all boundaries.


Core Values

INTEGRITY, Innovation, Invention, Smartness Professionalism and Creativity.


We are totally unique in our own style and approach. We have carefully designed a media system that is tailored to serve peculiar media productions, projections marketing and promotional needs. We use our different media channels& platforms backed-by savvy-oriented cutting edge technologies, techniques, strategies and passion to deliver beyond the normal agency result. Our quest for success and achievement is quite high and it’s focused on ROI!

Post Briefing & Market Research

We consider this stage very crucial, focus and attention at this stage, is given to research activities that help dictate opportunity for new product to strive. We rely on preparatory activities such as; Researching, Analysis and strategy, Sketching. Scripting, Editing, Reviewing, Budgeting, Surveying.

Core Engagement

This encompasses the technical and skill level of our engagement. We rely on advanced modern day human resources, technological tools, soft wares, platforms, channels and siren working environment which are mounted by happy good-to-go professionals that know their onions in what they independently do to deliver excellent job result that has always enable our clients to stand out among their competitors.

Post Engagement

We regard this stage the ‘climax point’ and‘nurturing level’. Attention is usually geared towards ensuring the achievement of set goals and the sustenance of maximum gain/impact on every task & activity we embark upon as a team of happy & united professionals so as to ensure the 100% service delivery.


Publishing Media
Content Development
Who We Are

We are Eyeball Concept Media, a local and international multidimensional result-oriented and value-driven media agency. With a key focus on; Advert & Publicity, Media Buying& Selling, Brand and Product Activation, Brand Communication,Branding, TV & Radio Commercials, Audio-Visual Productions, Events Organizing & Management, Entertainment and General Promotions.

Backed by our years of professional operations across Lagos,Nigeria, Beijing China, London U.K, Texas U.S.A, and Munich Germany, We work hand in hand with our International affiliate and sister brands (Eyeball TV, Eyeball Radio, Eyeball Travel &Tours etc.) all operating as a coordinating subsidiary brands under the Eyeball Concept Group of Companies Ltd to deliver top notch services and help clients achieve maximum return on investment on every task we embark upon as a team of media related professionals especially as it relates to media and product activation.

Safe & Secure

We have pride our self with testimonies of our clients declaring us as a Trusted Brand  and services providers because we ensure your investment generates Return On Investment.

Expert Support

We are group of trained and talented professionals dedicated in providing prompt support to our clients .  


At Eyeball Concept Media, Our reputation is our pride and we keep our word when it comes to delivering services at pace,

Our Great Story
 African Group of Ambassador’s and Spouses Organization (GAAS)

Beijing-China Funding Boards

Commonwealth High Commission Beijing

Duyi-Yui International Arts & Cultural Festival Beijing-China

U-FEST International Arts & Cultural Festivals, Murdihat-Dublin

Cite Nigeria Fair & Exhibitions, Obudu-casttle Ranch Uyo. 

Yoruba Music & Films Festival Lagos-Nigeria