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Going by our track records with years of experience in services, we offers the best innovative & creative business ideas, audio visual productions, promoting and consulting for brands & products activation, adverts & publicity, media buying & selling, concept development, general promotions & marketing, full package events coverage/management, cinema 4D animation designs, organizing, collaborating, fairs and exhibitions, festivals, concert, carnivals, general media publicity, Tv & Radio commercials Ads, with a host of others that we do officially as part of our company services for those seeking for qualitative and top notch services from the grassroots areas to the corporate sector’s locally, nationally and globally. Our proven success over the years is based on our experience, and consistent focus ability to partner with key suppliers on large projects, bringing together the most talented people and team of professionals to create an unforgettable experience in whatever project or services we embark upon officially as team under the umbrella of Eyeball Concept Group.

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Over the past year, we have traveled around the world with our media/event management crew, partnering, consulting and hosting of top notch events, fair & exhibitions, brands & activation, festivals designed to bring in Africans & global stakeholders together in the entertainment industry to our chosen communities in their geographical locations in need to inspire positive actions for social good.

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Senior Managing Director 
Phone: +1 916-875-2235
E-mail: smd@eyeballconcept.com
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Mel Brown
Chief Executive Officer
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Mel Brown
Chief Executive Officer
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Mel Brown
Chief Executive Officer
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Mel Brown
Chief Executive Officer
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