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We have pledge our total commitment in answering the clarion call of helping business owners gain maximum brand exposure and increasing overall return on all investment especially as it relates to media productions, projections & promotions. At Eyeball Concept Media, we work as a team of happy professional & multidimensional multimedia agency experts carefully selected & devoted local & international media-related teams, to produce, project & promote your brand & services beyond boundaries. We have carefully constructed& design a media system that accommodate and provide sustainable solutions to a wide array of media and publicity related problems. Our media agency services covers the following dimensions:

Digital Marketing

Here, our in-house local & International Digital Marketing and Advertisement Team (DMAT) execute professionally all your digital marketing needs such as Web Design, Web Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics etc.

Brand & Product Activation

We believe in professional brand activation service that delivers effective brand activation campaigns via integration of productive marketing media to help our clients promote their products and increase overall sales beyond every geographical boundary.

General promotions

At Eyeball Concept Media, we believe promotions remains the respiratory organ with which every business or organization survives. Our in- house Brand & Product Promotion Team (BPPT) combines different media elements & platforms to executes general promotions jobs for both local & International Corporate/Social Brands & Organizations.

Creative Designs

A picture they say “its more than a thousand word” Our in-house local & International Creative Design Team (CDT) believes in productive & creative visual media elements such as; Still & Motion graphics designs that are capable of communicating your story to your deserved target audience.

Media Consultancy

We strongly believe that only the led can eventually take the lead, At Eyeball Concept media, our in-house local & International experienced media consultants advise, direct, position & guide brands & services providers in the areas that connects to; how they can produce, project & promote their brands & services for the overall growth & sales of their respective businesses.

Company Representative & Management.

Our groundbreaking=g track records of over a half decade in media production, projection & promotions has inevitably positioned us, as one of the most reliable media agency you can ever think of. At Eyeball Concept Media, we relate, connect, mange & project individuals and organizations especially as it relates to general company representative & management of their brands.

Certified Media Training.

The joy that comes with creating a sustainable environment for the next generation of media-relate experts to thrive and become who the entire world wants them to become, is basically second to none to us at Eyeball Concept Media. We have create an enabling environment for all prospective media-related personnel to learn, develop, and grow their respective skills in the different aspects of media productions, projections & promotions.

Eyeball Modeling Agency

We are aware of the important roles models and brand influence play in marketing and promotions of products & services of corporate/social brands & organizations. At Eyeball Modeling Agency, we train, manage & promote local/international female & male models especially as it connects to brand & products modeling/influencing.

Eyeball Travel & Tours.

The immense role and position the global travel & tour industry holds in driving & supporting bilateral and economic growth in nations & countries of the world can never be underestimated. At Eyeball travel & Tours, we use our media power to create, manage, project, promote, and grow local & international tourism-related events & seminars, festivals, conferences, and events that connects with the general travel & tour industry or sub-sectors.

Visual Productions

At Eyeball Concept Media,our in-house professional camera production crew in charge of handling every corporate and social visual content production handles projects for local and international clients in technology, finance, fashion, transportation, real estate, consumer services, festivals, exhibitions, public relations, and more. Our professional camera crew that work as team of expertise’s, also produces top notch commercial projects for both advertising agencies, vendors, design firms, ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and size, tailored targeted PR video campaigns to generate maximum coverage through visual effect, video broadcast and online media, Visual strategies to raise the profile of your organization and brand beyond boundaries, in diverse visual related forms such as;TV Spots, Promo Videos, Documentaries, Billboards Videos, Explainer Videos, Web Videos, Marketing Videos, Independent Film, Musical Videos, General Video productions e.t.c.

Events & Entertainment

 Eyeball Concept Media professional local & International Events & Entertainment Production Team (EEPT) produces broad range of events & entertainment services, from event planning to proper event execution and management,  Our event production team travel far and near to produce/cover global corporate & social events such as; Festivals, Cultural Carnivals, Music Concert, Seminars, Conferences, Sporting Events & Tournaments, Weddings, Trade Fair & Exhibition Events etc.



INTERNET TV& Radio Broadcasting

 We go beyond the process of media productions alone, At Eyeball Concept Media, we collaborate with our affiliate TV & Radio brand (Eyeball TV & Eyeball Radio) and other top notch TV & Radio broadcasting brands to communicate, entertain, enlighten, market and promote local & international products and services to your respective target audience. Our TV & Radio Broadcasting services cover the following dimensions: Brand & Product Promotion, Event Coverage, Adverts & Publicity, TV & Radio Commercial Advert Production, Media Planning, Media Buying and Selling, TV & Radio Airtime Purchasing, Media Outsourcing and General promotions. 

On-Location Recording

Our outdoor audio sound engineering experts execute projects for on-location Audio Support services for live events and other activities which have always form a basic aspect of our quality professional strength and ensures quality services rendering in the following dimensions; Annual Brand Meetings,Seminars & Rallies, Recognition and Awards Events, Kickoffs and Product Introductions, Public Relations Events, Trade Shows & Conventions, Franchise Meetings, General Audio Productions.

Audio Productions

At Eyeball Concept Media, our professional audio production sound engineering crew offers top quality broad range sound and music production services. These include Radio Ads, Jingles Production, Music Productions and other form of corporate audio production services. Our production team are dedicated and made up of professionally trained engineers and talented individuals in the field of sound productions and mixing and mastering with lots of experiences in various sphere of both the consumer and commercial audio production services.

Eyeball Audio Studio remains your No.1 source for high-quality, high-impact audio productions services such as: Jingles, Podcasts, Music Production, Mixing & Mastering, Voice-overs, Radio & TV Commercials, Movies/Film Soundtracks , Video Presentations Audios, Telephone on-hold messages, Online & Mobile Media Advertising Audios ,Bands, Choral Groups and other performing acts.

Eyeball Concept Limited has various agencies as subsidiaries under Eyeball Concept as group of companies with their independent areas of core businesses specialization and service functions that cut across the globe and has their track records in what they do independently as agencies which are; Eyeball Concept Media, Eyeball Radio, Eyeball TV, De-Ballers Records, D-B-R Studios, Eyeball Modeling Agency, Eyeball Football Academy, Eyeball Travel & Tours, Eyeball Foundation, Eyeball Make-Up Studio, BYR Entertainment, Eyeball Adverts & Publicity Agency etc.

What we stand for?
  •  To transform every project we embark upon to achieve local & global recognition.
  • To bridge the gaps between creative ideas generation and its implementation.
  • To achieve local & global relevance in the media & entertainment industry.
  • To create an unforgettable experience with every occasion and projects we handle.
  •  Our word is our bond at all time.
  •  We go the extra mile as a team of professionals to earn clients satisfaction.
  • Uncompromised standards in every project and engagement we embark upon.
  •  We harness every available resource at our disposal to achieve optimum results.
  • We execute projects in accordance to clients briefing and professional competence.

Our team of well experienced, talented and dedicated individuals know how to create compelling and persuasive contents on any budget to generate ROI, and that’s what sets us apart from other multimedia production agencies and advertising companies locally and globally.



Customers about us
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Jeniffer Burns
Creative Heads Inc.

I always need the  service of a media agency and ever since i subscribed to eyeball Concept Media Production service, i can proudly say am contented.

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Marcus Fields
Marketing Manager

I would always recommend Eyeball Concept for any brand digital marketing solution. I use their services and my business is highly optimized.

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Jeniffer Burns
Creative Heads Inc.

Eyeball Concept has the capacity to promote brands and return on investment and i trust them