The Only 5 Tips You Need for Selling Your Home (Without an Agent)

Planning to sell your house yourself, without the need of hiring a real estate agent? According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2018, without the help of a realtor, you can save as 6 per cent in commissions. For instance, if you have a $300,000 house, that comes to $18,000. And most often, “for sale by owner” houses tend to be sold more quickly, as fast as two weeks. 

However, before you sell your home right away without an agent, it’s important to remember that doing this as a process is not as easy as you think. You must have a lot of time to invest in performing the work of a realtor which includes almost everything from marketing your home to selling it and to negotiating the ultimate price. 

Not only that, but you are also responsible for taking care of all the legal and financial documents, which can be overwhelming and difficult. This is why it’s always recommended that you hire a lawyer to help you because legalities are also involved here. With that being said, here are five tips you need if you do decide to market and sell your house without a real estate agent by your side. 

Tip #1: Provide a “Realistic” Price

Most homeowners think that selling their home without an agent means that they can set its price to more than what it really is. It’s crucial that you put your emotions aside and the price must be set based on hard data. There are free online pricing calculators that you can search and they will give you an estimate of your home’s worth based on objective components like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the land, and the location of your home. 

Try to also check the comparable homes in your neighbourhood and how much they were sold for. You may do your search through local property tax records. To help you get that information, check with your state’s assessor’s office or the county clerk. 

Tip #2: Your House Should be Ready 

Don’t allow total strangers or possible buyers to explore and wander around inside your home. Look for storage space because these people want to see the potential for their lifestyle and not what life you are living. In order for potential buyers to consider their own things and envision their lifestyle, have a storage unit to organize and house some stuff you won’t need while your marketing and selling your home. 

This storage is a place where you can hide all those things presently sitting in your attic, basement, garage, crawlspace, or closets. Experts suggest getting rid of about a third of such things from your home like the ones you don’t use every day. Also, if you store it in a portable unit, you can bring it all to your new home. Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Remove personal photographs and other personal memorabilia. Doing this will let prospective buyers imagine what’s it’s like living in your house. This will make it easier for them to focus on things or features you want to highlight in your house. 
  • Remove artworks. This is the same because your taste may not be similar to the buyer’s taste.  Don’t distract them from the house. 
  • Do a deep clean. Clean and scrub your appliances and kitchen counters. Washed the carpets, clean linoleum or tile floors, and dust the shelves. 
  • Use natural and artificial light. Avoid having a dark or poorly lit home would feel gloomy and sad. Make sure you brighten up the interior of your home by using good artificial light or natural lighting, and some fresh coat of paint if possible. 
  • Consider the exteriors. The outside of your home is what most buyers will immediately see. Don’t forget to trim and shape hedges, refresh mulch beds, and edge the lawn. You may also add a fresh coat of paint to your trim and shutters. 

Tip #3: Hold an Open House 

There is no need to hire a real estate agent for you to hold a proper open house where you can advertise the sale of your home. You may do this on your own. It’s not that hard to advertise your open house as any real estate agent would. Just post it online and put several signs in your neighbourhood. 

Make sure you offer some light refreshments and prepare brochures around the home that buyers and visitors can take with them. Here’s a secret, noticeable scents like cedar, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, pine, basil have been known the most desirable by homebuyers. 

Don’t be sad or feel disappointed when the first open house doesn’t lead to any offers. Reanalyze your asking price, update or revise your marketing materials, and your home should be widely listed. 

Tip #4: Determine the Selling Points of Your Property 

Since selling your home is about advertisements, take note that when creating your advertisements for brochures or websites, always include basic information about the house: the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, price, the size of the lot, location, and other specific details of what makes your house special to potential buyers. Look at the age of the house, style, building materials, garden, trees, or yard are some of the important items. 

Tip #5: Hire a Broker for Limited Services 

A lot of homeowners who come to a decision to sell their home without the help of an agent don’t know that there are agents who provide limited services to assist and guide you with specific aspects of selling a home.