The success of a business does not have anything to do with salesmanship

Consistency We rise every day We brush our teeth, wash, get dressed and have breakfast. We’re consistent with our actions. We are consistent every day. It is important to follow the same process in order to be congruous with the tasks that are related to our work for the days we have decided we working regardless of whether it’s one or seven days a week. Startup news India

The 6 marbles must be kept that we carry in the left side of our pocket, or left part of the bag. We should transfer one marble to the opposite side for each time we’ve completed a positive act i.e. having a conversation with a customer, speaking to someone about business, etc. etc. It is important to perform it regularly. It is essential to transfer all six marbles (better still 10) at the end of the day. We must focus on the action, not the results. We should be focused on the actions, not the outcomes.

If we are mountain climbing If we were to constantly gaze at the top, we’ll eventually trip and slide down. We must be focused on each step that we take in a sequence, one after the next and in the same order as the sun sets, we will be on our way to the top.

A complete and unwavering faith in our company as well as our products, services, and what it can offer its customers.

Perhaps the most significant of the three, but not very useful in its own. It’s not worth to have the most positive attitude around if one is are sitting alone in a room that is closed off and not speaking to anybody. What is an attitude? It’s different from the way one perceives self and other people. I’ll describe it this way.

Your face is completely transparent, and your personality is evident whether it’s positively or negatively. In the first moment that potential customers see you, or even before you meet the person, your attitude will come through. The client sees it perhaps subconsciously, and reacts in a similar manner. The most important thing a salesperson needs to present is their own self before they speak. If they aren’t able to sell themselves, they could as well get up and leave and get back to sleep. If they aren’t able to sell themselves, they won’t be able to sell peanuts in a packet or even a Mars bar.

Another example of attitude, while taking my 14-year old daughter on a visit to Disneyland Paris we went one evening to see an aquatic circus. The show was very unusual, with dancers, divers and somersaulting in the water. It was an amazing performance. The thing that made it fun (we were in the first row) was the fact that all performers, without exception, were having fun. They were enjoying every second of it and giving the best of themselves. Their enthusiasm shined through as a beacon, and this gave us a total pleasure.

So , when we rise early in the morning and start doing our routine things, we should have a big, smile that makes us feel satisfied with ourselves and maintain that throughout the day. As we conduct our work, we must maintain a positive attitude towards our fellow employees. If we aren’t in the position we are physically , there’s no need to be at all. It’s much simpler to take a horse on the direction it is going.

These are my three crucial elements that determine one’s ability to succeed or fail at any endeavor in life.